Snowbombing Festival 2015: Stewarding, Skiing and Sleepless Nights

Over the Easter Holidays, which seems like an eternity ago now, I went on a bit of an adventure. You may recall how I went away to Austria over Easter 2014 on an orchestral tour to Vienna, and it appears that music, Austria and long haul coach trips are now somewhat a tradition for me over the Easter break. However, this year I did not have my sheet music and violin in tow, but ski boots, goggles and a slight apprehension about what I had actually signed up for. This time I was off to Snowbombing Festival.

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I’m taking some time to be a bit self indulgent. I have barely written a blogpost lately due to complete exhaustion from work, so I needed something easy to write about to get me back into the flow of things. Apparently that means writing about myself. Egotistical? Perhaps. Boring to read? Quite possibly. But relaxing to write? Very. And hey, it is my birthday after all.

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March in review: We are running with this diary thing

It is the final day of March and I’m a bit dazed. It has been pretty non-stop, and April promises little chance of recovery as I head off to Kent on Friday to begin my steward work for Snowbombing festival – by the end of the week I will be in Mayrhofen, Austria, working 8 hours a day into the early hours of the morning, then hitting the slopes with my free ski pass. I’m a little bit (very very very very very…) excited.

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February in review: I’ve turned it into a pointless diary

It is the 28th of February and I feel slightly at a loss. I decided I would write two blogposts a month at least, and it is not exactly a massive task, but at the moment I am struggling to come with up a solid post on one thing in particular. I really didn’t want to write a post going through the main events of the month, because let’s face it, my life isn’t interesting enough for anyone to find that particularly inspiring or enjoyable.

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I went to Durham: A tale of coffee shops, schnapps and friends

Ramblings from a coffee shop
I have begun writing this post sitting in a coffee shop of which this will be my third visit, partly because it is just so good and mainly because I don’t know where else to go as a non-resident of Durham. It feels a little bittersweet to write a post about how brilliant Durham is as I had my heart set on studying here for so long, so I already knew what a wonderful place it is. In fact, I did have concerns it would be a little upsetting to be here and be so involved with the student lifestyle I once thought I would be living. However, this visit has so far reassured me that although Durham is wonderful, Bristol is the city for me after all and I can continue to write this post about my wonderful trip with no bad blood or dramatic sobs of ‘WHY OH WHY?!’. So now I’m going to carry on sipping my raspberry tea whilst I wait for my friend to join me and enjoy the rest of my time here with a refreshing sense of contentment that everything has worked out for the best.

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First visits: Vienna, Austria

I want to do a bit of a profile of some places that I have visited, but because I am pretty sure I will visit most – if not all – of them again at some point, I’m going to call this ‘series’ (woah getting a bit of professional over here) “First visits” cause I’m so creative with naming things. So here is the first of the first visits. How apt!

Vienna, Austria, Central Europe

April 2014

Deutsch (German)


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Cooking (quite badly) time; Butternut Squash Casserole

Cooking again. This time I danced to electro music whilst making a very easy butternut squash casserole. It was pretty chill. Now I am blasting Kanye whilst writing this, which is also pretty chill. I think I’m just chill. Maybe it is the detox pukka tea. Probably.

Back to food? I think that might be a good idea.

This recipe is vegetarian, gluten free and I don’t know. Dairy free? Yeah, it’s dairy free. I know people like these things. I just wanted to use a butternut squash.

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