It’s a shock, but we’re going with it…

Hi! I’m Rhiannon. 18. Travel lover. Baking fanatic. Music nerd. And I take way too many pictures of my dog, Harvey.

So here’s the story. My uni sadly let too many applicants in and could not offer me my own permanent room for the first term. Sucks. I’m not one to be put off straight away, so I investigated further, but as more and more things went wrong I decided to do something that I didn’t imagine I would ever be doing, as someone who has dreamt of going to uni for so long. I decided to defer my offer and take a gap year (Dun, dun, duhhh).

Dramatic, right? Bet you’re on the edge of your seat with that exciting tale. But on a serious note, this was a big shock for me, I had never considered a gap year; I was meant to be going to uni in a couple of weeks, not a year. Luckily, I’m the travelling type. The degree I will eventually pursue will be French and Russian, therefore I am going to try my hardest to use this year to visit some brilliant places, especially France. So it’s not all bad!

In fact, it is pretty cool. I have a year to do whatever I like. I don’t have to impress any uni’s as I’ve already got my place. I don’t have to study for terrifying A-Levels. It’s exciting – and I really don’t want to waste this opportunity. So that’s the story behind the blog. My friend told me I should start one (Thanks, Tom!) to document my year, and all the adventures (finger’s crossed) I have. I’m not promising it will be all fun and games however. As I hadn’t planned for a gap year, and saved to go on numerous holidays with friends over the summer, I am a tad broke. Time to get a job and get saving, but it is going to be worth it.

I go to Oxford with my boyfriend tomorrow, and although this was planned well in advance of the gap year fiasco, I am going to class it as the start to my completely unplanned year. It is going to be an interesting one.


17 thoughts on “It’s a shock, but we’re going with it…

  1. Hi Rhiannon, just wanted to wish you a very exciting and enjoyable gap year. I’ll be looking out for updates and will no doubt hear how you’re getting on from your Mum too. Have a fab time in Oxford. Jacqui x


  2. Rhiannon I’ve just read your blog and the tears are rolling my girl!
    You have embraced this so well wish I could hug you ! but we do wish you all the best on your gap and if you find a little gap come visit lol.
    Will keep reading as you are so good at this maybe journalist comes to mind love ya lots c&p xxx


    • *Sends hugs*!! Thank you, trying to keep super positive about it all 🙂 Yes!! Mum and I were saying perhaps I could come visit at some point, be lovely and the perfect chance to come again if you’d have me hehe! Love you lots xxx


      • Rhiannon you are always welcome here and of course we would love to have you !
        Sort your self out and see if you have time lol love ya lots and maybe see you soon xxx


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