Bittersweet selfies and headbanging tales

It’s funny how scary you look when slightly intoxicated in a sweaty club. Last night I went to a ‘pre uni bash’ held by one of my best friends, and it was so worryingly typical for a load of 18 year old British kids, it could have been an episode of Skins. Hmm. Maybe not actually, we aren’t quite that risqué.

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

I can’t say that I drunk a lot last night, but when we got to the clubs the music seemed to intoxicate me more than any amount of tequila ever could. Muse, Kasabian, Two Door Cinema Club, The Fratellis… All blasting out as I jumped around shouting “THESE ARE ALL MY FAVOURITE BANNDSS!!!!!!” and continued to headbang (my neck isn’t too sore today however, as it is surprising how regularly I end up headbanging).

It was quite a bittersweet night however. The name of the event itself meant something different when I first said I was going, to when I actually attended. That is to say, when it was first organised I was also off to uni and this would be one of the last times with all my friends before we all went to various corners of the country. But last night, it was a chance for me to say goodbye and wish my friends good luck for their new adventures, whilst I explained what I would do on this gap year… With no actual clue, myself.

So in between all the rapping to Kanye, dancing to Girls Aloud and ‘Ring of Fire’ fun, I listened to my friends confess all their worries, their hopes and how excited they were for University which is so scarily close now. And I’m so so excited for them too. And surprisingly okay about it all. In fact, last night proved to me that I have so much to look forward to, and I’m not missing out even slightly.

I will miss those crazy weirdos though.







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