Cooking (quite badly) time: Gluten-Free Burgers

So I don’t cook much, as I don’t think I’m very good, I’m lazy, my parents are great cooks and quite frankly, I’m more of a baking girl. But I need to kick my butt into shape on the cooking front, so I looked in our fridge and found very little… But we did have some beef mince, and my dad’s gluten-free bread (he is a Coeliac) so I decided to make some really simple burgers!!! Wahey!!

(Makes 4 burgers)

1. Get that mince. I used about 300-400g of beef mince. I think. I have no idea, I just used what looked right.


2. Get that bread. I used gluten-free bread so my dad doesn’t keel over, and grated it into my mix. I used 3 pieces and cut off the crusts, but they are pretty tiny pieces of bread (seriously, no idea why they are so tiny, it is really bizarre) so two larger pieces would probably do. Don’t take my word for it, I’m really not a good cook.


3. Get that egg. Crack that egg. Plonk that egg in your mix.


4. Get that salt. Get that black pepper. Season your mix. I just fling some in and hope for the best. I added a bit too much pepper possibly, but I’m not the biggest fan of pepper so I’m probably being oversensitive.


5. Mix it all!! (With clean hands, I would hope).


6. Pat and shape them into cute little blobs. I made 4 with this mix, but they were pretty hefty burgers. I also only needed 3 so my dad was in for a big tea.

7. Heat up your pan for about 4 minutes with some cooking oil, and maybe have a little tidy whilst you do that because my mum hates a messy cook (and my mum is too nice to upset). I also put the burgers in the fridge. To firm them, or something. When it has heated up, put in them burgers, yum yum.


8. Cook them for about 4-5 minutes on each side. Well that’s what I did, and they turned out okay (but you go for what your heart feels, follow your dreams, live a free life…).

9. Whilst they cook get your buns ready (I used a gluten free roll for my dad and heated it for 30 seconds in the microwave otherwise they are gross), butter them up, cut some lettuce and red onion and plonk it on. Maybe some cheese… Go crazy!! I put out a little salad with some plum tomatoes too, because yum.


10. I put some new-potatoes-garlic-butter-thing in the microwave whilst my little burgers cooked away, because I’m a cheat. Then once I had cookedย  both sides I served it all up. Yum. (I also burnt myself, baking is so much nicer).


11. Eating time!

So yeah, this has been cooking badly with Rhiannon! (I apologise to all cooking blogs).


5 thoughts on “Cooking (quite badly) time: Gluten-Free Burgers

  1. I knew that idea to cook each week was a good one, besides it means I get to sample the results!! (I wonder if I should receive danger money though? ๐Ÿ˜‰ hee hee)
    Seriously though, great burgers!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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