I’m feeling sentimental, (this post will make you cringe)

It has been a weird day. It feels like the realisation that the majority of my closest friends are going all over the country, and our friendships will be tested through Skype calls, Facebook messages and occasional visits for the next few months has hit me again, as I haven’t had the distraction of my job. I’m lucky that I know I will stay in contact with a lot of those friends, and I honestly don’t think I’m naive in saying that. There is something about my lovely group of friends; we all just click, and want to support each other all the time – it’s like we’re each other’s fan clubs, with the amount of supportive (often drunken, I will admit), pep talks we give each other.

The majority of my friends have been my friends for an incredibly long time – I’m talking primary school years (which, when I’m only 18, probably doesn’t seem that long to a lot of people, but shhhhh, I’m trying to get sentimental and soppy). Then there are the few who I was lucky to meet at high school. They have put up with my awful hairstyles, Muse obsession and general loudness, and are somehow still my friends (sorry, guys). Then there are the one’s who I met in the past couple of years of college. These last two years with such a great group of friends have been some of the nicest – and sometimes slightly most dramatic and stressful – two years of my life. But even though there has been some silly, petty drama, I have never been so close to a group of people as I have been with my lovely, crazy friends.

The other night I went out for some cocktails and nachos (you know, I love my Mexican food) with a few friends as they aren’t going to uni until tomorrow. It was the first time I have really cried like a baby about my friends leaving, as I hugged one of my best friends, and oldest friends, outside my house and we sobbed a lot cause we are emotional fools, and she is the best ever (we are going to handwrite letters to each other, we’d make an adorable couple), and it scared me a little because I realised she wouldn’t live 5 minutes away any more, and very few of my friends would be a bus trip or less away from me. Sob.

But from recorder concerts to the interact show, from Wales to Amsterdam, from 30 Seconds to Mars to Muse, and from primary school to this in-between year, I’ve had some brilliant friends there to keep me happy, positive and call me out on my ‘hipster’ ways. I don’t really know what the point of this post was, other than to get a bit sickly and make everyone cringe whilst reading it, but I know that a lot of my friends read this blog, so I hope they know that they are awesome, I will miss them a ridiculous amount this year, but I am incredibly excited for them all. You guys rock x


Rolly for life ❤

532463_398737063534333_1547772321_n - Copy

Christmas 2012

1052294_186261221539691_1146830180_o - Copy

Summer 2013

1525103_10202375672649027_1835011070_n (2)

Jan 2014


Ice Skating 2014


Love this one 😉










HP Studios!


Love these guys


We will have many more Skype calls, I’m certain (Also, coolest fancy dress ever, right?)


Where’s Wally?


Sob, sob, sob, miss this one lots.


🙂 🙂 🙂

I give everyone permission to throw up now. We got through the cringe together, we made it.


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