Thoughts and Wisdom (Ha, joke)

– Teaching is such a strange thing. It feels very natural until you remember a group of students are listening to you and trusting every word you say. And then you have a moment of ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ but then you realise it is really fun and you’re over-thinking it.

– Gone Girl is a very weird film, so of course, I loved it. Gritty, bloody, mind boggling. And 2 and a half hours long. Go see it though, don’t let that put you off. If you like a bit of a darker thriller, this is the film for you.

– Excel has become my best friend. I literally spend hours on end putting in data on spreadsheets at work. I weirdly enjoy it, but my eyes hurt afterwards.

– I keep wanting to take pictures of the sky. Last night I was greeted with a beautiful, purple sunset. This morning the sky was golden. How poetic. But it is true, and I got a thoughtful on my walk to work because of it.

– I’m not as unfit as I thought. I finally went to the gym tonight and I was so excited because I love working out, but because I’d always been poor I could never afford gym membership. I also learnt music didn’t drive me as much as I thought. When I go running round the block, music always kept me running, but at the gym I just kept going no matter what music was playing. It was just fun without the distraction, and I’m feeling really motivated now. I hope it lasts.

– I’m still going to eat yummy food though. I’m not so motivated that I’ll be changing my diet much…. At all… I will probably eat more if I’m honest.

– I truly am a last minute packer. I’m going to Cardiff tomorrow morning. Haven’t even started packing.


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