Up, up, up… Down?

It has been an up and down kind of week.

Last weekend a lot of my friends returned from uni, and I’ve been like an excited puppy. An afternoon of coffee and catching up last Sunday got me wishing the week at work would go much faster than usual. Which of course meant it felt slower than usual.

But that was okay because I had plans to fill the week up – so many plans! Too… Many… Plans…

Tuesday, I went into Liverpool with my mum to get some Christmas bits which mainly meant I needed clothes for parties. Need. Want. Okay, I wanted clothes for parties. I usually don’t spend loads on one item of clothing, but I felt like treating myself a bit and headed to topshop. For about 2 hours. Phewf. I did leave with a playsuit and ordered another online that they didn’t have in store in my size but I loved. But I was exhausted. I then treated my mum to a meal at TGI Friday which I’d never been to before (Highly recommend, apart from the extremely loud music. I’m such a party pooper).




Wednesday was a super busy day at work, which I wasn’t quite expecting. So then when I went to Nandos and the pub with my friends after work, I subsequently fell asleep in the pub. It wasn’t even late, oh dear. So by the time I got home, I felt pretty rubbish and then had a rubbish conversations with a friend and ‘bluergh’ sums up how I felt to be honest.

So after all the excitement, it went a little wrong and I got ill. Well done, Rhiannon. The next morning involved me slowly trying to get ready for work but when it hit 7.45 and I still was sat on my bed feeling like death I decided I best call in sick. Which completely sucked as it was the Christmas concert and my general studies class, and I felt pretty bad about letting people down. I did, however, go see the Christmas concert and it was very nice, even if I felt ridiculously ill afterwards. The pupils even got me a little Thornton’s chocolate with my name on to thank me for my help, even though I ended up doing very little, which was very unexpected and very lovely of them.

Sadly I had to take today off too, which was sad as it was the last day of term. I’m also stressed about marking now as I didn’t see my general studies students to get all their work off them and also set them homework over Christmas. I’m trying not to stress. But I’m a little stressed. Phewwww. To top it off, is the fact it is the work Christmas do tonight and I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage it. I’m hoping I’ll be okay-ish, but currently I’m not so sure. Sob sob sob.

HOWEVER. I’m moaning, but it is Christmas, my friend’s are nearly all back home and when I’m feeling a little under the weather I know my friends will pick me back up again ^_^
I’ve had such an interesting year; not all good but definitely not all bad. In the grand scheme of it all, missing a couple days of work and maybe a party really isn’t a big deal at all.
I have a post coming up on something I’m making for my Secret Santa gift and the gifts I’ve done for the rest of my friends, but I won’t be giving them the gifts until at least the 28th I think, so you will have to bear with me on that one.

Hope everyone is well and I’m sorry my life isn’t particularly interesting at the moment!! πŸ™‚


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