March in review: We are running with this diary thing

It is the final day of March and I’m a bit dazed. It has been pretty non-stop, and April promises little chance of recovery as I head off to Kent on Friday to begin my steward work for Snowbombing festival – by the end of the week I will be in Mayrhofen, Austria, working 8 hours a day into the early hours of the morning, then hitting the slopes with my free ski pass. I’m a little bit (very very very very very…) excited.

After being accepted as a steward a couple of weeks or so ago, I wondered whether the rest of this month would feel like a drag; just a passing month as I dreamt of the snowy alps. But this month has been far from slow. My crazy bunch of friends came back from University, full of zest, which has both woken up my social life but tired me out to new levels. I have been a bit of a zombie at work…

It seems like I’ve eaten a lot of Italian is month, which begins the segment (wait for it): ‘Rhiannon Reviews Italian Restaurants‘. It’s a working title.
To start this gripping segment off, we meet Carluccio’s again for perhaps the third time on this blog. It was great. I mean, I can’t remember what I had, as it feels so long ago, but it was tasty I’m sure. I’m pretty sure I had pasta. Maybe? This review is already off to a great start. To be honest, I enjoyed it mostly because I got to catch up with a best friend, so if that is what you want from restaurant then go for it. Also, gluten-free fresh pasta. My friend and I happened to go on St. Patrick’s Day, and let me tell you, Liverpool on St Patrick’s Day is a magical place. Well, it’s a bit loud, and all the clubs were full at 7.30. Maybe magical isn’t quite right… Perhaps, guiness-fuelled?
The second was Don Luigi, a local family-run restaurant, that another friend and I seem to spend very little money in, yet eat amazing food and spend hours upon hours catching up in. 10/10 Don Luigi. Your pasta is top notch. Your patience is even better.
Third up, Pizza Express. I had a pizza. It was nice. Egg, spinach. I preferred the pizza my friend had though. Chilli, meat. 40% student discount with NUS on Tuesdays made it taste even better. Cool, moving on.
The fourth (I told you there was a lot of Italian) was Prezzo for my mum’s 50th birthday. Get the fishcake salad. It was amazing, I feel like my life has been changed ever since. Also, big cheer for my first-class Mum. Honestly, everyone loves her, she’s great.






So, three birthday meals, three evening get togethers and three jam packed weeks including work have really instilled one sentiment in my head: I can’t wait to be a student again. Work is fine. It is rewarding and busy and I do love it, but spending time with my friends who are mostly at either university or college just makes me realise that I still have loads of my young adult life to live before I need to actually become a fully-fledged, responsible adult (shudder). I enjoy staying out until 4am and sleeping in until 10 the next day once in a while. I enjoy laughing about stupid jokes and playing the newlyweds game with my mates, whilst perhaps fairly tipsy. I also enjoy zoning out, listening to my favourite music and wandering round the northern quarter of Manchester, in big, ridiculous sunglasses like the hipster I am. I’m still figuring out what I’m all about, and my job is great, but sometimes I feel so out-of-place after a night at the pub with my mates talking about indie bands and who we all fancy, only to walk into work the next day to discuss lesson plans and targets. Which is because I am pretty out of place, as at home as I am at at school. It’s a paradox, I know.


So to summarise this brain splurge: What March has taught me, because life lessons are what a ‘gap yahh’ is all about (I’m just, like, really trying to find myself, you know…):

– No matter how many times you think you will help with your last show at high school, it probably won’t be your last show. Wait, it that not applicable to everyone? Wait, people actually move on from secondary education? Oh. Awkward.

– As prepared as you are for Mother’s Day in terms of baking breakfast muffins, cooking brunch and setting the table nice with gifts and flowers, if you haven’t got your card, don’t expect to be able to get one at Mini Tesco at 10am on the day.


– When your grandparents do something surprising for you, and you realise they mean a lot, it is an important reminder.


– Do not expect all 11 year olds to be organised. Setting them big projects will only mean a lot of chasing up and a lot extra hours at work. Help.

– Cocktails are still great. Even on work nights. I’m wild.


– Sunny weather makes me question why I have debated living in Siberia, as nothing beats sitting in the garden with a book and a guitar.


– Ski wear is quite hard to come by in March, but the stuff you do find is usually heavily discounted.


– It is highly confusing when the clocks go forward when you are in a club.

– As happy as you can seem, it is okay to have things going on in the background of your life. It is okay not to tell everyone about these things straight away, or even at all. Keeping positive worked this time, and things are brighter. It might not always work, and that’s okay too, but it is always worth a shot. (How mysterious I can be)

– Embrace being 18. Embrace not having it all sorted. Embrace sounding like a self-help book.


– And I need to make sure I go to the gym lots in April, because *refers to Italian Restaurant segment*

There is so much I have missed from this month, but as usual, most of the fun stuff revolves around the time I spend with my friends and family, so I’m going to leave it here. Expect a massive post on Snowbombing in coming weeks – I know you’re all really excited to read my rambles about falling down a ski run.


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