To do list (gap year style)

So I have no idea what this year will bring yet, but here are some ideas. Like a bucket list (cliché, right?).

  • Get a job.
    Before I can really do anything, I need some money. Getting a job has always been a tricky task for me. I applied for so many part-time jobs during my two years at college and rarely got anywhere that by February this year, I had completely given up. “Oh well!” I thought, “I’m off to Uni in a few months anyway.” Oh Rhiannon, how wrong you were.
  • Go to France. At some point. Otherwise I’m a banana.
    I mentioned that my future degree will be French and Russian, and I really would love to go to France for a month+ and get to speak some très sexy français (I promise, my French is better than that really).
  • To further that, go interrailing around Europe. 
    I’ve already asked a lovely friend of mine about this, as we have always wanted to see Europe train style. We (drunkenly) decided we would this summer a while ago, but now we have decided that we might as well make it a real thing. Hopefully we can do that over the summer. Watch out Europe.
  • Learn to drive. Maybe.
    This is dependent on a job, but I need to learn and I have a lot of free time. Seems like a good idea. Perhaps the roads of my hometown might disagree
  • Write some more music. Like actually do it and record it for a change.
    Don’t get me wrong, I write music all the time. But I never actually sit down and record it properly. I record covers all the time, but as soon as it is my own stuff I feel like a bit of an idiot. So maybe I’ll actually get somewhere this year.
  • Read more books.
    Simple enough, but I get so lazy sometimes. I did really well last year/this year and read a lot of books for my English Literature A-Level, but this summer I have read 3 books. 3. I’m rubbish at times.

I need more ideas for sure, but we’ll start with those. I think I will do some more specific things and have a big list of random things to do soon, but this will do for now. The big things.

🙂 x