Half Term Chapter 1 – A Common Person in a Southern Scene

This is split into two chapters. I think this my attempt at keeping people interested, and chapters make it sounds as though I have some exciting story to tell, and in my eyes I do, but secretly it was just easier to write in this way. Here is the story of my half term week – time to get your reading specs on. too cheesy rhiannon, calm down

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Snowbombing Festival 2015: Stewarding, Skiing and Sleepless Nights

Over the Easter Holidays, which seems like an eternity ago now, I went on a bit of an adventure. You may recall how I went away to Austria over Easter 2014 on an orchestral tour to Vienna, and it appears that music, Austria and long haul coach trips are now somewhat a tradition for me over the Easter break. However, this year I did not have my sheet music and violin in tow, but ski boots, goggles and a slight apprehension about what I had actually signed up for. This time I was off to Snowbombing Festival.

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