It’s been one of those weeks

And by ‘those weeks’ I mean, up and down and up and down. I’ve had some really lovely days this week, but also had to say goodbye to some of my closest friends as they go off to Uni, hear some things that made me question how valid a friendship I have with people and see a relationship, that has meant so much to me, end.

It all sounds very dramatic, and to be honest, in my current state, it feels it. I’ve had my final coffees with some friends this week, my final open mic at the pub until they all get back from uni, my final kiss off someone I care about a lot. And it kind of sucks.

But what I have learnt from this week is that:

1. No matter how long it is since you’ve had coffee with someone, sometimes, if you are lucky, you will have that person that you always have plenty to talk about and it will be like nothing has changed. If you are really lucky, you will have a few of them.

2. Nero is a great place to talk; whether that is gossiping, opening up or saying goodbye. They also have earl grey tea to make everything better.

3. Wallowing in bed for many hours – although necessary, I feel – is not going to make you feel much better. A shower, strong coffee and focusing on a new job, however, will.

4. Even when your best friends are leaving, it is okay to be weirdly excited for them. It is okay to not actually feel too sad when you hug them goodbye, because it doesn’t mean it is the end, it just means they are off to have fun. And that is great.

5. And having a vase of sunflowers in the window really does cheer you up. They look so cheerful when you reach your house after a tough afternoon, and brighten up your morning when you open your curtains with swollen eyes after a night of sobbing like the melodramatic teenager that you are.

So yeah, bit of a depressing post, but I’m in a very thoughtful mood, hence the pretentious sunflower nonsense. But honestly, I highly recommend getting some.

Keep cheerful – I’ll try if you try 🙂