Quick Post: A Week In Work

My first week at work has been so rewarding already, and I’m a little bit in love with my job. I knew I would enjoy it – I’ve always loved working with children and teaching in general – but I didn’t realise how much I would adore helping the students in their lessons. Maths and English have really been the highlight for me so far; I’ve had a chance to revisit some maths and help people through a subject that can often bring quite a negative response. I’ve also been helping lots of students with their reading skills, and today was incredible as I feel like I really made a difference and got people excited about their books. I’ve only been their 5 days but the students and staff have made me feel so welcome and happy, that I’m already looking forward to Monday to do it all again.

I have to stay pretty confidential about my job due to the nature of it, so I won’t go much further than saying that this is seriously making think about a career in teaching more than ever before. I’ve been incredibly lucky to get this job, and to work with students who really have made me so proud even after 5 days. I’m going to get a bit attached to this little job, I think…

It is flippin’ tiring though; thank goodness for weekends off!


I can’t say too much…

But I’m a spy… Hmm, maybe not, but for me this is pretty exciting. In fact this is the best news I’ve had since I found out my a-level results (it all went a little downhill from there with rejections and lack of accommodation at my insurance… But I digress…).

Recently I have been helping out in a school with the music department, (I am a massive music geek) just doing bits and bobs and getting a bit of money together (woo, money!). This included a day of moving a lot of music related things from one room to a new storage room, which was pretty hefty work, but it kept me busy (and rather hot, jeans were a bad decision). Then the next day I sorted through lots of instruments, finding serial numbers and making sure they were prepared for students to play. All good fun! I actually really enjoyed it because it was nice to earn some money and feel like I was helping out a bit.


I wish I played brass, I mean look how cool this trumpet is??

So, what’s this news that I am ever so excited about? I got a job. I got a job. I actually got a job! (I have applied for so many jobs over the past few years and barely got anywhere, it is actually ridiculous). But this like a proper fancy job. Full time. Assisting and mentoring at the school I had been helping out at. I don’t want to say too much because I will obviously be working in a place where it is integral for me to keep fairly confidential (I’m definitely not messing this opportunity up!) but I was offered the job and I took it. How could I not?

It isn’t a small thing. I will be working 5 days a week, until at least May, meaning going abroad may be left to half terms for now, but that’s okay as I feel this will be the perfect challenge for me, and will definitely make this gap year worthwhile. I’m nervous, shocked, elated and so so excited. I have loads of work and planning I need to do, not to mention the plentiful paperwork I need to fill in. But I hope I can really make a go of this and I’m going to throw myself into it head first!

Like I say I can’t say much, so I’m going to leave it here. I wasn’t sure whether I should say anything at all, but I’ve become a little too attached to this blog and lots of people have followed it which has made me so happy. So I don’t want to miss a thing about this gap year on here… Although don’t be expecting updates on school life too much!

Can anyone give me any tips on working in a school? Can anyone give me any tips on how to keep chilled in a new stressful full time job?

Sorry for the random, and vague-ish update, I hope you’re all well.

Rhiannon 🙂