First visits: Vienna, Austria

I want to do a bit of a profile of some places that I have visited, but because I am pretty sure I will visit most – if not all – of them again at some point, I’m going to call this ‘series’ (woah getting a bit of professional over here) “First visits” cause I’m so creative with naming things. So here is the first of the first visits. How apt!

Vienna, Austria, Central Europe

April 2014

Deutsch (German)


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Rambling about travelling, not travelling and possible weirdness

For a blogger that claims to be ‘obsessed with travel’, I rarely have ever mentioned travelling, other than my few trips round the country, which makes me seem a bit of a naff travel blogger.

To be fair, I’ve never claimed to be a blog solely talking about travel, and thank goodness for that because as some of you may know, I’m working in a school until next summer – and as much as I’d love to get more travelling out of this year, my job and my students now come first. Which is totally cool, as one; loving the job (you know that one already) and two; without it I wouldn’t have the funds to travel.

Cause I spent all my funds. This year… On travelling…

What!?!? You spent the money on travelling yet have never mentioned your travels? Yes, yes you are right imaginary astounded person. Thing is, the main trip I went on last summer was to Amsterdam with (I’m sure he won’t mind me saying) my now ex-boyfriend. Now when I started the blog, I actually starting writing about my trips to Vienna, London, Amsterdam and the Lakes, but because we broke up during this I was a bit too sob sob sob to be talking about what an amazing time we had in the Netherlands. But we’re still mates, and we’re good, so now I feel like I can finally write about it all. I’m the weirdo who writes about the trip with my ex, but I really just want to talk about HOW AMAZING AMSTERDAM IS. I dunno, bit weird, bit weird. Is it weird?

I know writing about where I went earlier this year doesn’t really fit the whole gap year theme, but the thing is I really want to write about travelling, and while I can’t travel but my wanderlust is still strong, it feels like a good time to relive the lovely trips I’ve been on.

Okay. Phewf. So I’ll start with Vienna and get that up, which was much earlier in the year than the rest of my trips, and I can’t believe it was this year…. It feels so far away! So get ready for some actually travel posts. It feels nice to say that even though it literally has nothing to do with my gap year.

Bonsoir! (see I can French. Side note: I was tempted to write a blogpost in French as I miss writing in it but then I realised people wouldn’t have the foggiest what I was on about and I would look more pretentious than ever. Such a tough life I lead, right?).